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With the PC Donation Project, we hope to make available a very powerful tool that will be used towards education and an individual's brighter future. We carefully choose our donees to ensure that we impact the lives of deserving candidates.

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The PC Donations go to deserving individuals, families, or groups who are in need of a computer in their daily lives. The lack of a computer can seriously impede one's path to success, so computers are generally given with the purpose of education in mind.

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The PC's that are donated come with a desktop computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and all necessary cables. They are equipped with Wi-Fi functionality for fast internet use. The monitor we choose is 21 inches. We use an AMD CPU, with integrated graphics. The storage varies per build, but we try to use an SSD for better performance. The PC is powerful and supports homework and school-related tasks. It ships with Windows 10.

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The PC's are currently custom-built by Mihir. He carefully assembles each computer build. Once the PC has powered on, he installs Windows and makes sure everything is working properly through testing. Our PC goes through a rigorous in-house testing process. The PC is then donated to the selected donee.

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